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Henry David Thoreau Quotes: Famous, Best, Inspirational, Motivational, Nature, Walden, Civil Disobedience, Life, Love, Self Reliance, Simplicity

Henry David Thoreau Quotes

  1. Famous Thoreau Quotes
  2. Best Thoreau Quotes
  3. Thoreau Quotes on Nature
  4. Thoreau Quotes from Walden
  5. Thoreau Quotes from Civil Disobedience
  6. Thoreau Quotes on Life
  7. Thoreau Quotes on Love
  8. Thoreau Quotes on Self Reliance
  9. Thoreau Inspirational Quotes
  10. Thoreau Motivational Quotes
  11. Thoreau Quotes on Success
  12. Thoreau Quotes on Friendship
  13. Thoreau Quotes on Walking
  14. Thoreau Quotes on Solitude
  15. Thoreau Quotes from Book
  16. Thoreau Quotes on Society
  17. Thoreau Quotes on Individualism
  18. Thoreau Quotes on Transcendentalism
  19. Thoreau Quotes on Nonconformity
  20. Thoreau Quotes on Government
  21. Thoreau Quotes on Fishing
  22. Thoreau Quotes on Desperation
  23. Thoreau Quotes on Quiet  
  24. Thoreau Quotes on Simplify    
  25. Thoreau Quotes on Happiness
  26. Thoreau Quotes on Preservation 
  27. Thoreau Quotes on Woods 
  28. Thoreau Quotes on Drummer 
  29. Thoreau Quotes on Dreams 
  30. Thoreau Quotes on Philosopher  
  31. Thoreau Quotes on Death  
  32. Thoreau Quotes on Education 

Famous Thoreau Quotes

I know honesty is the best policy but staying with it is means more than that.

Popular people don't take the risk of being unpopular for the public's real issues.

Best Thoreau Quotes

Dream is the first step to the failures and failures are the second step to the success. 

Always allow the positivity into your mind even from the negative person you have ever meet.

Fight for fundamental equal rights of yours as a citizen of the country and we are always here to support you.

Thoreau Quotes on Nature

Nature is the most precious that we have now. We must respect it.

Logic with real knowledge is a very good combination to achieve the heights in the sector of environmental job.

Lead your own way to save the earth and its resources to make us feel safe here.

We are also responsible to save the nature as our governments are. So don't say your government are not doing good for it.

Me as a teacher will prefer to teach my students how to become a environmentalist for the earth.

Thoreau Quotes from Walden

Our natural resources are the assets for us. They are the liabilities for us by the earth.

Internet can be the next reason to destroy the atmosphere of the earth in its own way.

We should take some steps to introduce new solutions to tackle pollution and other problems of the earth.

If you are studying about the earth only for the marks, you are betraying yourself. 

Thoreau Quotes from Civil Disobedience

We all the people who are fighting for our civil rights. Any government can't rule us blindly. 

We are the humans not the non-living. We know how to protest against the government. 

If you don't accept our letter to change your rules, we will do the biggest protest ever in this country.

If any government wants to make a rule for the country, it should be discussed with the leaders of the public.

Thoreau Quotes on Life

The time we got to live is our life and it should be for all the society that exist.

People welfare matters most than the businessman earnings from it.

Life has the direct connection with the air and ether to live.

If God suck out the air from the earth's atmosphere, we can't live then.

We must take some steps to reduce the pollution, global warming, population and natural resources to save the life.

Thoreau Quotes on Love

Love is a choice until we don't know what is love.

Love is always their in our mind but ghe other thoughts take over it and shows us the bad image of it.

Love is not like we think. It is like we don't think of it. 

Love has no form. It is formless and beautiful thing that ever found by the human beings.

We should respect each others and all the animals of this planet because this is the only what we have.

Thoreau Quotes on Self Reliance

Self analysis is a good way to know yourself without any regret or happiness. 

You can know your truth that how bad or good you are for the people that like you the most.

We should always believe in this theory which is that at the eand we are all going to be dead on one day.

Why should we fight each other for the materialistic things that we can't go with us after death.

Focus on the matter that works really with the truth for the universe ultimately. 

Thoreau Inspirational Quotes

Something is there to inspire me to do the great things for the universe to save it.

My words are not only the words. They are also the source of your knowledge and to inspire you.

United team can explore the unrealistics of the world and convert it into the reality.

Human can do the miracle for its family and contacts but it can also the more effective things if it becomes liberate.

Joy and sadness are the two sides of a coin. You don't have to choose anyone. 

Thoreau Motivational Quotes

I was feeling bad about my failures but one day i realized that it is the game of mind distraction. 

If you are a happy soul with peace of mind, you can achieve anything you want.

Destroy the worst thoughts that are coming into the mind with asking.

Mind's thoughts are the first distraction for the successful life. Recognize it and deal with it cleverly. 

We are that kind of animals who can't do great for the earth without any benefit. 

Thoreau Quotes on Success

If you want to be successful in your life, you should focus on the focus.

A clear mind can give the the best aspect of success for the society. 

Aquire the best knowledge as more as you can to use as more as you can.

Hurry up my buddy, the world and people's mind is changing so fast.

Finish schooling, Get a job, have a good family are the basic parameter pf the success. 

Thoreau Quotes on Friendship

Friendship is the best form of partnership that we make after the business or profession.

Make some very close friends in this world to avoid to be a victim of depression.

Open your mind and mouth with your close friends in your bad time instead of open your heart while bypass surgery.

Books and a best friend are the two things which don't complain about us.

Believe in your friendship more than the friend.

Thoreau Quotes on Walking

A simple way to keep the body healthy is morning walk and a healthy diet.

Ask to a bodybuilder about its health like how you become the bodybuilder. Its story will start with the morning walk.

Nature knows every status of a molecules that is exist here. It can be the big source of learning about human evolution.

Competition is always give us a benefit to be alert and taught us about winning story.

Thoreau Quotes on Solitude

Solitude can be good friend of someone if you know how to handle it.

If you are a knowledgeable and spiritual person, you will prefer the solitude.

A lonely person can teach us the best level of the deep knowledge. 

Alone person can give the best advice of the life you ever get because it knows how the world works.

Be alone to be free from everything in the life.

Thoreau Quotes from Book

If you are a simple man you will become a teacher and if you are something above, you will become a writer of a book.

We are living in a world where you need to do some extraordinary work to taught some lesson to the people otherwise no one consider you as a good book.

Show what they want to see is a good phrase that work for the book also.

If you want that your understanding should be understand by the upcoming generations of the world, you will write a book.

Today's cinema is a great alternative of the book.

Thoreau Quotes on Society

Watch new movies and listen new songs to know your society deeply.

Our new generation or our youth are not focusing on the society welfare. We need it.

I know there can be bad things in the society but we should do something realistic for the new and upcoming generations of the society.

Praying god and working on the ground for the material are the two different and same feeling things.

Thoreau Quotes on Individualism

Me, you, he and she has the same fundamental rights as the president have of this country has.

We should respect the feeling of each other to understand the problems of the society so that we can solve them.

My brother and my sister, this is the time to save the world, save the country and save yourself from the bad governing policies. 

What the hell are they doing to make easy the life of a simple man of the nation.

Is everything in this world made for the king and queen, not for us ?

Thoreau Quotes on Transcendentalism

Transcendentalism is about the rationalism and government policies that made for the people.

Government must consider everyone that they have the equal rights and duties for the nation.

Grab a paper from the office of a government officer and you will found that your rights have been gone on that paper also.

Thoreau Quotes on Nonconformity
Ignorance of knowledge is the another form of nonconformity.

If knowledge is not available to aquire for free, society will get distracted easily. 

Thoreau Quotes on Government

Government of all countries should come together to stop nuclear and work on the global planetary and people issues. 

Poverty is the first problem for the governments to solve and after this education is there.

Be sure about the people that they can take revenge from government if they don't get the justice.

Life start with problems and stops with the problems we are here to know how to not to be part of a problem.

Thoreau Quotes on Fishing

Fishing is a good game to know how a life struggle to save its life.

We should learn from fish that they can tolerate our plastics in their house but we can't tolerate their bad smiles.

If i have to choose a animal to save it would be fish.

Ocean know more about us than we know even scientifically or emotionally. 

Human have very big mind problem that he is the only one who can save the planet. 

Thoreau Quotes on Desperation

Sadness in life is work like a water that is stopped and not flowing. 

If your feelings are not coming out while you are sad, this is the gateway to depression. Choose someone to listen you.

A tree gives us many fruits but what we return to it. A pollution and global warming !

The single reason of getting sad is your desires is not getting fulfilled either by you or someone you want to fulfill. 

Quick and fastest way of getting out of desperation is start seeing the positive things that you have done and how can you do more.

Thoreau Quotes on Quiet  

Silence is good when you have something to learn new otherwise it can give you bad results also.

A quiet mind and conscious work is nicest form of smart and hard work. 

Week before today and week after today, you will be a different person just because of your silence. 

Lifestyle is the style of living life at its peak.

Thoreau Quotes on Simplify    

Simplify the process of education to taught someone to learn yourself. 

If you are a simple human being with high qualities of life, you don't need to do anything for the life.

Free things by the nature are not free, this is the cost of our life.

While working on a hard project that need very much energy, first break your task into a simple process. 

Certificate of being a very smart guy is printed by the very simple brain.

Thoreau Quotes on Happiness

A happy mind is the house of all human virtues. 

Think before doing anything that is it really matters for the human and other animals civilization. 

Learn to give your most loving thing to anyone without any regret. 

Education must be the part to learning about the love.

A life of 10 years is sufficient to know the life and its other components very well. 

Thoreau Quotes on Preservation 

Preserve everything before burn it.

Preservation of water, trees and all natural resources will give a new life to the humanity. 

Hungry mind about the nature's solution with natural modes is the best mind that we have.

How joyful are we is the only question that we can ask to us whan our nature is blossoming. 

Our nature has the direct link with the health of us and the earth.

Thoreau Quotes on Woods 

Seeds of success and seeds pf nature both can give the birth to the woods of life and nature.

Water pollution can lead us to the unending pain of humanity. 

Save trees to save earth and plant new trees to save upcoming generations. 

Gardening is one of the best solutions to reduce the pollution from the house and city. 

Assuming that bad going to happen in life can give us the bad results automatically. 

Thoreau Quotes on Drummer 

Music is the best mode of expressing your feeling without the words of mouth.

Choose one music instrument and be the specialist of it to show your feeling to the world.

Drummer shows their actions on the drum to follow the beats of the heart. 

Joy and music have same connection of peace sometimes. 

Question everything for the music about yourself to know yourself. 

Thoreau Quotes on Dreams 

If you have a dare to dream, you can achieve it.

Be the one of those who change the world how it's work.

Grab some best level of romance of your dreams and apply it on the reality to check that is it good or not for the society. 

Hurry up my guy, time is getting finish and you are getting old.

Free things are free but the most valuable things on the earth.

Thoreau Quotes on Philosopher  

Philosophy works best for those who want to live only with one method of life.

Never allow any philosophy to be a part of your life.

Learn from the every philosophies of the world and create your own beautiful life.

Don't convince someone to follow a philosophy that you like the most.

Share your thoughts with everyone to analyze how they react on them.

Thoreau Quotes on Death  

There is only a one lie that is exist at the end of life is life.

Death is ultimate goal of every livings and even non-living things on the earth.

If you have the fear of death, Go and learn about it to know its peace of level.

Clear your mind from thoughts and stay peaceful for some minutes to ask yourself that what is death.

Am i living or am i dying is the best question that come into my mind ever.

Thoreau Quotes on Education 

If i have to choose a tool to eliminate the sorrow from that will be education.

I don't share the things which are not the art of human life to be happy.

Feel the pain of that person who is eligible and couldn't get a good education from the good institution. 

Gearing up for the next generation of the earth to get the best education policies to run.

Don't be shy to ask for the help about your growth in the group.

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