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Swayam Central Portal: Login, Register, Free Courses, Certificate, Eligibility, Exams -

Swayam Central Portal: Login, Register, Free Online Courses, Certificate, Eligibility, Exams, Nptel, Full form, Aicte, Mhrd, Helpline -

Government has made a decision to provide free education and skill based free online courses to all youngsters of India on the internet.

Youth from any state of India can join the platform to learn new skills to get a job or start its own business in the relevant field.

Table of Content

  1. Swayam
  2. Swayam Portal
  3. swayam full form
  4. swayam login
  5. swayam register
  6. swayam courses and subjects
  7. swayam co-ordinates
  8. swayam fee
  9. swayam eligibility criteria
  10. swayam application
  11. swayam certificate
  12. swayam exams
  13. swayam result
  14. swayam helpline
  15. swayam objectives
  16. swayam benefits
  17. 95+ Faqs


Swayam is a Hindi word which means do a thing without being dependent on others. 

Live life with self dependency.

Swayam Portal

GOI launch a portal to encourage the youth of India to do something on their own and become self-dependent. So GOI gives name to it as SWAYAM or svm portal.

Youth become job giver not taker is the real aim of Government of India.

Swayam full form: Study Webs of Active(Learning) for Young Aspiring Minds

Swayam Login

Swayam gives four ways to login to the plaform.

  1. Microsoft account login
  2. Google account login
  3. Facebook account login
  4. Direct Login

Microsoft Account Login

The one use microsoft login system to login to every platform in the most cases can use this option to login to the swayam portal.

After click on the microsoft account login button, swayam redirect the user to microsoft website to enter its login information according to the microsoft login system. After all verifications, microsoft redirect back to the swayam.

Google Account Login

Google account login is one of the most common in all. User uses its gmail id to login to any platform that provide google account login service.

Ministry of education of India provide this facility also to login to their platform. 

User gets redirect to google login page after a click on the google account login button.

Google verify the user on the basis of entered information about login then redirect it back to the swayam website and send a message to swayam that this user is verified and safe to login it to the swayam.

Facebook Account Login

Facebook is a social media internet company. Over 1 billion internet users use facebook to connect with their friends online. 

If you are active on the internet, You must have a facebook account. 

If yes! You can use this option to login to swayam with facebook account login system.

Swayam Register

Swayam need user's name, a password and a active email address to let it signup for the courses. Anyone who is interested to learn new skills and want to do free certified online courses from home can join the Swayam.

When user click on the send verification code, Swayam send a email to the user's email address with a verification code to verify the user by entering code in to swayam input box.

After verification, User can enter in the Swyam to take advantage of the services.

Swayam Courses and Subjects

Swayam provides different courses in different subjects. Lets checkout the list of all subject:

  1. Annual Refresher Programme in Teaching
  2. Architecture and Planning
  3. Engineering and Technology
  4. Humanities and Arts
  5. Law
  6. Management and Commerce
  7. Maths and Sciences
  8. NPTEL Domain
  9. School
  10. Teacher Education

1. Annual Refresher Programme in Teaching(ARPIT): ARPIT provide different courses in the field of teaching. The one who is interested in the line of teaching can enroll these courses.

2. Architecture and Planning: If any user interested in this field can take admission in this course line.

3. Engineering and Technology: A science lovers who want to study from the best universities of India are welcomed here to enroll the courses made by different institutions of india. Some area of science list:
  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Agricultural and Food Engineering
  3. Biological Sciences & Bio-engineering
  4. Chemical Engineering
  5. Civil Engineering
  6. Computer Science and Engineering
  7. Design Engineering
  8. Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering
  9. Mechanical Engineering
  10. Metallurgy and Material Science & Mining Engineering
  11. Multidisciplinary
  12. Ocean Engineering
  13. Textile Engineering

4. Humanities & Arts: Some great institutions from all over the india joins hands to provide good courses in the field of humanities and arts. Courses list:
  1. Anthropology
  2. Arts
  3. Communications
  4. Economics
  5. English
  6. Geography
  7. History
  8. Humanities and Social Sciences
  9. Journalism - Mass media
  10. Language
  11. Linguistics
  12. Philosophy
  13. Political Science
  14. Sociology

5. Law: This street of courses is for all lawyer or the one who want to make its career in the Law. Some fields available for all aspirants:
  1. Constitutional Law
  2. Corporate Law
  3. Criminal Law
  4. Cyber Law
  5. Human Rights
  6. Intellectual Property Rights
  7. Labour Law
  8. Law

6. Management and Commerce: Commerce and management is the best stream for the all business mindset users. If anyone is one of them, Go and Enroll one now:
  1. Accountancy
  2. Analytics and Decision Sciences
  3. Banking and Insurance
  4. Business Administration
  5. Commerce
  6. Computer Applications
  7. Economics and Social Sciences
  8. Entrepreneurship
  9. Finance
  10. HRM and Organizational Behaviour
  11. Information Systems
  12. Management Communication
  13. Management Studies
  14. Marketing
  15. Production and Operation
  16. Public Policy
  17. Strategy
  18. Taxation

7. Maths and Sciences: Student who is interested in the math with sciences can join the program. Check below list of the areas to enroll in maths and sciences:
  1. Applied Sciences
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Botany
  4. Chemistry
  5. Computer Applications
  6. Computer Science
  7. Earth Science
  8. Environmental Sciences
  9. Information Technology
  10. Library and Information Sciences
  11. Mathematics
  12. Microbiology
  13. Physics
  14. Zoology

8. NPTEL Domain: NPTEL is an orgnization in india that is work for the education. Nptel also provide some courses here:
  1. Advanced Dynamics and Vibration
  2. Advanced Mechanics
  3. Algebra
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Bio-engineering
  6. Bio-processes
  7. Bio-sciences
  8. Communication and Signal Processing
  9. Computational Biology
  10. Computational Chemical Engineering
  11. Computational Engineering
  12. Computational Mechanics
  13. Computational Thermo Fluids
  14. Construction Materials Technology
  15. Control and Instrumentation
  16. Data Science
  17. Economics
  18. Economics and Finance
  19. Electronic Material 
  20. Energy Systems
  21. Energy and Enviorment
  22. English Studies
  23. Environment
  24. Faculty Domain for Experienced
  25. Faculty Domain for Newly Joined
  26. Flight Mechanics
  27. Foundations of computing
  28. Foundation of mathematics
  29. Managerial Economics
  30. Manufacturing Processes and Technology
  31. Marketing
  32. Materials Characterization
  33. Materials Joining
  34. Minor 1 in Chemical
  35. Minor 2 in Chemical
  36. Minor 3 in Chemical 
  37. Minor in management
  38. Minor in metallurgy
  39. Operations
  40. Patents and Intellectual Property Rights 
  41. Photonics
  42. Power Systems and Power Electronics
  43. Product Designs
  44. Programming
  45. Propulsion
  46. Psychology
  47. Robotics
  48. Structural Analysis
  49. Structural Design
  50. Systems
  51. VLSI Design 

9. School: All school publication are also there to help all the users in their career. The courses provided by them:
  1. Accountancy
  2. Biology
  3. Business Studies
  4. Chemistry
  5. Economics
  6. English
  7. Physics
  8. GeoGebra
  9. Geography
  10. Mathemetics
  11. Psychology
  12. Data entry operations
  13. Hindi
  14. Home science
  15. Indian culture and Heritage
  16. Science and Technology
  17. Social science
  18. Sociology
  19. Computer science
  20. Environmental science
  21. History
  22. Introduction to laws
  23. Library and information science
  24. Painting
  25. Sanskrit

10. Teacher Education: If any user interested in teaching can opt these courses:
  1. Report writing
  2. Engineering diploma
  3. Engineering for undergraduate
  4. Learning assessment
  5. Childhood growing
  6. Discipline
  7. Communication skills
  8. Video production for studies
  9. Entrepreneurship development
  10. Fitness
  11. Animation development
  12. ICT Skills
  13. Leaning management

Swayam Co-ordinates

Swayam, launched by ministry of education, shakes hand with nine national coordinates for the study material for the different student classes.

Co-ordinates lists are:

For school education
  1. NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) for school education
  2. NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) for school education

For out of school education
  1. IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) for out-of-school students
  2. NITTTR (National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research) for Teacher Training programme

For under graduate education
  1. NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) for Engineering
  2. AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) for self-paced and international courses
  3. CEC (Consortium for Educational Communication) for under-graduate education
  4. IIMB (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore) for management studies

For post graduate education
  1. NPTEL
  2. AICTE
  3. IIMB
  4. UGC (University Grants Commission) for non technical post-graduation education

Swayam Fee

Swayam is a government program. Government launches this program for free for every student who want to learn more skills.

Swayam Eligibility Criteria

As the government mentioned here, any student who have passed 9th class can enroll the swayam courses to study.

Swayam Application

Swayam app is available only for the android users on the google play store.

If any user want to study from the app : Direct Link

Over 1 million users have installed the app to study online.

Swayam Certificate

After completing any course from the SWAYAM, user get a certificate for the completion of the course.

Swayam is a legal and certified course provider by the government of india. Feel free to join any course, learn new skills and get the certificate.

Swayam Exams

Swayam open exam registration for July 2021 semester scheduled on 18th and 19th February 2022.

Any user who is studying in this semester should do registration for the exams.

Direct Link - Exam registration open

Swayam Result

Swayam has declared result for the examination that was held on 28th and 29th august 2021. 

Direct Link - Result for the examinations

Swayam Helpline

Swayam provide helpline email addresses of their different co-ordinates.

1. CEC:

2. IIMB:




6. NIOS:



Swayam Objectives

  1. Swayam aim to promote national movement named "Padega India Tabhi to Badega India" and "Skill India"
  2. Students can learn new skills who are unable to pay the fee of courses from big universities.

Swayam Benefits

  1. All courses available for free.
  2. Student gets credit for the education.
  3. Any student who are eligible for the examination can get certificate after passing the examination.

95+ Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is SWAYAM portal ?
Swayam portal is launched by ministry of education of government of India to enable every student to learn new skill based courses online for free and get certified to do job or business.

2. Are SWAYAM courses free ?
Yes, Swayam portal's all courses are available at free of cost. Any student who is interested to do can join it to study.

3. Is SWAYAM certificate valid ?
Yes, Swayam certificate is valid as it is issued by government of India.

4. Which course is best in SWAYAM ?
It is depend on hte studewhich courses he or she want to study and learn according to the acadmic study or self interest.

5. How many courses are there in SWAYAM ?
Approx 500+ courses is available to study.

6. How do i register for SWAYAM ?
Direct Link - click this link to redirect on swayam portal signup page.

7. How do i pay my SWAYAM exam fees ?
All courses that is on the Swayam are free of cost and for every student of india. Anyone can join it.

8. How do i join a course in SWAYAM ?
Go on the Swayam signup page and register yourself. After registration, student can join the course according to the interests.

9. What is the use of SWAYAM certificate ?
Ministry of Education is encouraging the student to learn new skills to get a job after completing the academics. Student use its certificate for the job.

10. Is SWAYAM compulsory ?
No, It is not complusory for every student to join. In covid, the one who want to learn new skills can join the Swayam.

11. Does SWAYAM provide degree ?
Yes, if opted course is degree course then student will get the degree after course completion.

12. Can any person in the world can register in SWAYAM ?
Yes, Swayam is for learners. Any learner can join the swayam from any part of the world.

13. How are SWAYAM exam conducted ?
Swayam exam process have some criteria to select students to take exam which is defined by the course maker. If student selected for the exam, Authority will guide the student to take exam on the center.

14. What is the full form of SWAYAM ?
Swayam stands for Study webs active(learning) for young aspiring minds.

15. How can i contact SWAYAM ?
Swayam provided contacts of every course maker to connect with them.

16. Can i delete my SWAYAM account ?
Yes, Student can delete their account from the account panel.

17. I am student who are pursuing a psychology in Swayam app after completion of course what is the process can I get a certificate after 24 weeks of course ?
Yes, Certificate gets generate according to the coirse maker. Student can contact with them by sending a query email.

18. Nptel Swayam exam gives two dates for examination can I give exam on one of the dates ?
Yes, Student needs to select the slot accordingly.

19. How to collect Swayam price amount ?
It is automatically credited to the account of the student. Just provide the bank information of account.

20. Swayam diploma course eligible for UPSC ?
No, Graduation is the minimum educational qualification criteria from UPSC.

21. What if I need a separate certificate for completion of my course on Swayam instead of credit transfer is it possible ?
Yes, Swayam generate certificate accordingly.

22. Does Swayam come under national level examination ?
Yes, Swayam conducts exam on their national center.

23. Is there negative marking in CEC Swayam course ?
Check for the CEC swayam description for the negative marking point.

24. How to fill Swayam registration form if I have taken a gap ?
Just go for the registration and enroll the course.

25. Swayam exam centers list in Thiruvananthapuram ?
Swayam changes exam center everytime. Just check the swayam platform for the center.

26. is safe or not ?
Swayam is a platform launched by Ministry of Education and Government of India. Swayam is safe.

27. What is the process to get of money paid to Nptel Swayam exam ?
Nptel gives option to online and offline payment method for the payment.

28. Swayam scheme beneficiary list ?
It is svayam not swayam. Kindly edit your question.

29. Age for using Swayam app ?
Minimum 8th passed student can join the swayam app.

30. Can a BCOM student apply for Swayam course ?
Yes, any prematric/postmatric/graduate/postgraduate can join the swayam.

31. Is Swayam course beneficial for non teaching staff ?
Yes, Student from any educational field can join and enroll to the swayam learning courses.

32. Is Swayam certificate is mandatory for the completion of PG in Tamil Nadu ?
No, But good for the student to skill building process.

33. What is the address of Swayam foundation ?
It is developed by ministry of education. Student should connect with the course maker to solve the issue.

34. Any help center of Swayam in Hyderabad ?
As we said before, there is always a change in the center name list. Kindly contact on the helpline.

35. Is there any pre primary primary teachers training course offered by Swayam ?
Yes, Student can enroll any course in the education subjects category.

36. Does attendance is calculated for Swayam course ?
Yes, Attendance and other criteria are there which will be examine while making finallist for the examination. 

37. How much total marks we need to pass Swayam exam ?
Every exam need 35% marks to be pass. But a student should do smart work to be a topper and win a prize. 

38. Use of computer in teaching learning with special reference to mooc and Swayam ?
Computer in teaching is getting important for the teacher as well as student. Every should know the basic of the computer. 

39. How one can know his registration ID of Swayam ?
Go to the account and check for the registration id.

40. How Swayam is helpful in learning during COVID 19 ?
Student can enroll any course and study from home which will help them to learn new things and technology.

41. Currently in second year of PG course and not yet registered for Is there any way I can attend 2nd cycle ?
Student can join the swayam when the registration will be open.

42. How to cancel the registration on Swayam sidham enroll ?
Student can contact on the helpline to cancel the registration. 

43. Is Swayam certificates are eligible to take admission in college and universities ?
No, but it is good for the skill enhancing. 

44. Can Swayam app be used by under 18 years of age group ?
Minimum educational qualification is 8th passed student. 

45. Is there any PGDM course in Swayam after BHMS ?
Yes, Student can use explorer to find out the important courses.

46. What is the meaning of getting C score in Swayam certificate ?
It is given for the average performance. But best of luck for the future.

47. My Swayam certificate got deleted how can I get it back ?
Login back to the account and download the certificate from the course.

48. Can I give final test of Swayam course from home ?
No, students need to go on the exam center but this is not for the covid situation. 

49. How can complete graduation in Swayam ?
Register with the swayam and join with 12th marksheet to enroll a graduation course. 

50. How can we change the language of Swayam ?
User can change the swayam language from the setting on the head.

51. How if I choose free online courses of Swayam how much amount Swayam will charge for exam ?
To choose a course from swayam, just register yourself on the platform and enroll a course. Swayam is free of cost initiative by the Government of India.

52. How to unenroll data mining at Swayam course ?
Go for the course and cancel it.

53. How I can participate in Swayam app ?
Install the app from google play store and login with the Id to participate.

54. Percent required of Swayam online learning courses ?
Student should pass the 8th class.

55. What is a source of income of Swayam volunteers ?
Volunteer have no source of income for the work the one is volunteering.

56. How do I re register for exam of biomedical research Swayam after Delete course ?
Enroll the course again or contact with the course maker.

57. Can Swayam courses be counted for improving API scores ?
Yes, it helps student for getting a job.

58. Is four month Swayam certificate course refresher or orientation equivalent ?
No, both have its own value.

59. Is it compulsory for teachers of KV S with more than 25 years in service to register for Swayam courses ?
Yes, anyone can register for it.

60. I cannot attend daily classes of Swayam can I study it in weekend ?
It is depend on the how the course is made.

61. Swayam Yojana validity compulsory or not compulsory ?
Not compulsory. It is optional.

62. Can we apply dindayal scholarship Swayam directly 2nd year ?
Yes, Student can apply for the scholarship with swayam. 

63. Social work related courses in Swayam ?
Student can use explorer feature of the swayam to find the course.

64. Swayam conventional learning program or not ?
Yes, it is designed to encourage the skill based learning for the student.

65. Did I can go for PG with Swayam UG certificate ?
Yes, Student can pursue its Pg by swayam ug certificate.

66. What is the pass percentage in the MOOCS on Swayam ?
35% is the pass percentage in the moocs on swayam.

67. How do I get server log files of Swayam portal ?
It is only accessible by the admin of the website.

68. My Swayam app is notifying me that my phone is rooted That's why I cannot use this app whats should i do ?
Uninstall the swyam app and reinstall it to try again.

69. Do I get a certificate if I complete a course in Swayam application through phone ?
Yes, Student gets certificate after course completion. 

70. Does not completing course of appearance in Swayam exam affect ?
Yes, swyam has some criteria to appear in the exam.

71. Can I use credits of psychology course of Swayam for engineering ?
Yes, New education policy 2021 enables every student that it can use credits of psychology in engineering course.

72. How to change email ID after enrollment in Swayam ?
Student can change their email id from account setting.

73. Swayam management course worth doing after B.COM for job prospects is it equal to doing MBA in a university for job prospects ?
Yes, but for management job only as it has no match with the syllabus of Mba course. 

74. How to delete one of my registered subject from Swayam ?
Student can cancel any course from the account settings. 

75. Transaction of teaching learning under mooc and Swayam ?
Student can do teaching course from swayam.

76. Where to keep your belongings during Swayam exams ?
Student can keep its belongings with the friends during Swayam exams.

77. Is it necessary to do Swayam course in your graduation ?
No, but it is helpful to get a job after graduation. 

78. After studying in Swayam jobs are guaranteed ?
No, but job accessibility increases after a course from swayam.

79. Swayam collection designs with price ?
Swayam is free of cost platform for the student.

80. What is the pass grade in Swayam numerical analysis course ?
35% is passing marks in swayam numerical analysis course.

81. How to know Swayam assignments eligible marks ?
45% is swayam assignments eligible marks.

82. Is Swayam have a graduate certificate if yes then is this certificate is sufficient for taking any graduate level Govt Job examination ?
Yes, Student can enroll any graduation course for taking any graduate level government job.

83. How many months do we need to take Swayam course where will be the exams held what is the benefit for learning Swayam course ?
Months of course is depend on the course syllabus.  Exam will be held after course completion. Student gets job faster as the all courses is depend on the skill based learning.

84. Is it mandatory to join in other college though we are a student of Swayam or can we complete our courses by studying at home itself ?
Yes, any student can do swayam course from home.

85. Swayam certificate applicable for government job ?
No but swayam certificate is helpful to getting a government or private job.

86. The exam for certificate of course enroll in Swayam is online or offline ?
It is depend course maker authority whether to take exam online or offline.

87. How I can change my update after payment in Swayam examination ?
Student need to contact the authority to edit anything after examination registration. 

88. Sir I am interested to join Swayam course in life science I want information for admission ?
If student interested in the life science study, it can find the course from swayam explorer and enroll the course.

89. Swayam online exam pass percentage ?
35% is the passing percentage for the student in swayam examination.

90. Will the refresher from Swayam get approved for cash by university ?
No, student can apply for the scholarship.

91. What is the paper pattern for refresher course in disaster management on Swayam site ?
Student can check syllabus and pattern of the exam from course criteria. 

92. Swayam Yojana in private hostel student is allowed ?
Yes, any student can enroll the swayam courses. 

93. What is the format of question paper of Swayam courses ?
Swayam courses have mentioned the format of the question paper.

94. In DBT scholarship form what we have to fill in Swayam application ID ?
The registration id that is generated on the registration for the swayam app.

95. How to enroll 506 to 510 courses in Swayam app ?
Student can not enroll 506 to 510 courses in swayam app.

96. How to know whether registered on Swayam ?
Student can login to swayam to know whether registered on swayam or not.

97. How to fill Swayam form for computer science ?
Get register for the swayam app and enroll the computer science course to study.

98. Is there a course for fashion design by Swayam ?
Yes, student can use swayam course finder to find the fashion courses.

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